VANTAGE Incident Pre-planning

In 2015, we developed Vantage, a leading-edge, highly successful incident pre-planning and survey tool for Pickering Fire Services near Toronto, Canada. Since the September 2015 deployment, some 200 sites have been cataloged and surveyed for auto-dispatch, increasing the odds of a safe outcome for Pickering's bravest.

Time = Lives, Risk, Money and Property

Yes we’re all too familiar with how destructive fire is and how fast a property can be engulfed while a plan of attack is being assessed. Having key pre-plan survey data available while en-route can dramatically lower pre-engagement time onsite:

  • Dangers & risks are identified up-front
  • Dispatch and responders are better informed
  • Increased preparedness means quicker action
  • Response teams are on the same page
  • Risk is reduced
  • More lives saved
  • Less property damage

Easy pre-planning on site

A tool is only useful if used. We’ve built Vantage with the assistance and input of actual Fire responders and dispatchers. Vantage integrates directly into your preplanning processes and is easy and powerful:

Portable / Easy Onsite
Data Entry
Touch Screen Drag and Drop Interface
Take Photos and
UN Chemical Name / ID
Look-Ups & Guides
Nearby Hydrant
Auto Distance Calculator

Progress and Management Reporting

Pre-incident plan collection is a coordinated process - we’ve got you covered with comprehensive statistics collected automatically:

  • Progress by region, shift, station
  • Open API for data exchange with other systems
  • All data is securely hosted
Your incident pre-plan data is highly valuable and can support your other needs:
  • Integrate data (both ways) with other city systems
  • All data is geo-indexed and available for reporting