Our mission is to solve difficult challenges in simple and elegant ways.

StratoTask is a mission-driven organization, founded on the principal that technology is an enabler; a way of doing more than ever and doing it with less. Less cost. Less complexity. Less risk. Less danger. We seek to solve hard problems in simple ways, creating solutions that are highly innovative and that result in very low deployment, training, and operating costs.

We create innovative solutions in conjunction with the people who will actually be using them in-field and on the job. Field input brings invaluable experience to the table in terms of making our products useful, safe, easy to learn and extremely effective in deployment.

When you specialize in the development of mission critical products, as we do at StratoTask, nothing less than 100% user confidence is acceptable.

There Is Something Genuinely Personal Going On Here

The development of the Vantage pre-planning system is one of those instances where personal events influenced ideas. Our founder, a technology architect, knows first-hand the devastation that a fire can cause, having been the victim of a fire tragedy himself as a youth.

“We awoke in a burning building in the middle of the night - it was toxic, hot, and we couldn’t see a thing - not a place you want to be. If it’s your job to go in to that, you really want to know what you’re up against. I’m ever-grateful to those that came to our rescue and I’m very excited to be helping with our technology.”

Dathan Liblik, CEO, StratoTask