WITH Vantage, Your Tactical Decision-Making Becomes Better-Informed & More Beneficial To Your Operations.

Vantage digital pre-plans give you information you need to make fast, smart decisions that save lives and property and keep your people safer. Vantage operates on your own iPad/Android tablets, is easily transportable and includes geo-indexed map features, details and forms that are simply and quickly accessible.

Additional Vantage features:
  • Portability for easy in-truck and onsite use
  • Finger-touch drag & drop technology
  • Photo capture and cataloging
  • UN chemical name & ID look-ups and full ERG guide pages
  • Auto distance and direction calculation for nearest hydrants

Vantage deploys quickly and easily to your entire response team, typically with little to no IT support required. Workflow is built right in, enabling tracking of survey assignments, progress and completion all from easy-to-read built-in charts and lists.

Additional Vantage features:
  • An intuitive and always-up-to-date progress dashboard
  • Capability to create a survey snapshot for sharing with other departments
  • Live tracking and workflow management
  • Easy user and role management
  • Built-in self-service options for common tasks like password resets

Vantage supports your existing dispatch, command and GIS workflows without the need for costly systems integration.

Additionally, Vantage-generated data can be integrated with other city systems:
  • Highly-secure data access points allow your other systems to read/provide information
  • Uses industry standard RESTful APIs (JSONAPI)
  • Data is exportable to multiple formats including PDF and CSV/Excel