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$ 200 USD/mo
Or save yearly at $2000 per fire station

Vantage features

  • Unlimited users
  • Portability for easy in-truck and onsite use
Site Survey & Pre-planning
  • Touch drag & drop technology
  • Photo capture and catalogue
  • UN chemical ID look-ups
  • Auto distance calculation
  • Geo-indexed maps
  • Fully-customizable form fields
Workflow Management
  • Easy-to-use workflow tracking
  • Survey snapshots in multiple formats
  • Customizable survey layouts
  • Live status reporting
  • Cloud based technology - available everywhere and on multiple devices
  • Secure data hosting, encryption
  • Integrates with dispatch
  • Surveys exportable to multiple formats
  • Data integration with other municipal systems
  • GIS workflows
  • Uses industry standard RESTful APIs
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